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The Illinois Academy of Anesthesiologist Assistants (ILAAA) is a non-profit organization created to advance the Anesthesiologist Assistant profession in the state of Illinois. The ILAAA supports the Anesthesia Care Team (ACT) model, with a focus on ethics, patient care, and education.


A certified anesthesiologist assistant (CAA) is an integral, highly skilled member of an anesthesia care team. CAAs work under the direct supervision of an anesthesiologist and perform many key duties, including conducting preoperative physical exams, administering medications, evaluating and responding to life-threatening situations, setting up external and internal monitors, and implementing general and site-specific anesthetic techniques.

Like a physician assistant (PA) who works as a “physician extender,” a CAA allows an anesthesiologist to direct several cases at one time. However, unlike PAs, who handle a broad range of needs, CAAs are very highly trained in one specialty: anesthesia. Their extensive education makes them uniquely qualified to provide the highest quality of care in the surgical setting.

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